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*Please email with any questions or inquiries. Email is a much more efficient way of reaching us than the contact form and will ensure we can get back to you sooner*

If you are sending an email inquiring about a tattoo please include the following information:

- *Photo references & examples of what you are looking to get* (They do not have to be exact and you can attach them to the email).

- *A brief description*
For example: "I am hoping to get a traditional snake, in color, with scales and its
mouth open."

- *Size estimate in inches* (Please do your best to refrain from explaining the size by saying, "I want it medium size, not too big, not too small", as that is not specific enough).
For example: "I would like the snake to be about 6-7 inches long."

- *Placement on the body*
For example: "I would like to put the snake on the top side of my left forearm."

- *Artist preference* (Please take some time to look through our Artist Portfolios under the PORTFOLIOS tab, or on our Instagram page. It's very helpful if you have taken some time to know which artist you would like to work with. All of our artists are very versatile and are willing to do all kinds of subject matter, but everyone's style is a little different. Especially, when you are looking for a custom tattoo, please do some research. Also feel free to reach out to an artist directly as this can further speed up the process of booking an appointment. Many of them have their emails on the portfolio page or on their Instagram).
For example: "I looked through the portfolios and I would like to work with Drew
Morgan at the Wheaton shop for the snake on my forearm."

- *Budget* (We get tons of emails where people are looking for the price of a tattoo. We can't provide exact prices over email, as this depends on the exact size, detail, and placement in person., but we can do our best to give you a price range IF you provide all the information above. It's also very helpful if you are forthcoming about having a budget you are working with for the tattoo. We can't always accommodate everyone's budget, but we can always try and adjust a design if someone is looking to spend a certain amount of money).

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