Email with any questions or appointment inquiries. Please keep in mind, it may take up to a week for a response.

If you are sending an email inquiring about a tattoo please include the following information:

1. Description of Tattoo
2. Size Estimate (in inches)
3. Placement on Body
4. Artist and Location Preference
5. Your Phone Number
6. Photo References

A brief description
Please describe with the most detail as posible what the tattoo is. Be sure to tell us the style you want (Traditional, Japanese, Fine line, etc). If you want it in colors or just Black and Grey. Any information is helpful.

For example: "I am hoping to get a traditional snake, in color, with scales and it's mouth open."

Size and Placement
Please be as specific as you can on the placement and size. For example: "I would like the snake to be about 6-7 inches long and I would like on the inside of my forearm".

You can also attach a photo of the spot on your body that you want tattooed.

Artist and Location
Check out our Artist Portfolios under the Portfolios tab or on our Instagram page @tattooparadisedc. Please include at least 2 artists, as some artists are not currently booking, and others are booking farther out.

Also let us know which of our locations you want to get tattooed at.

For example: "I looked through the portfolios and I would like to work with Nate Smith or Rob Hamilton at the Wheaton shop for the snake on my forearm."

Photo references & examples
They do not have to be the exact design, they can be just ideas you have. You can attach them to the email.

Quotes and Budget
We can't provide exact prices over e-mail, as this depends on the exact size, detail and placement in person, but we can do our best to give you a price range if you provide all the information above. Also, feel free to let us know if you have a budget you are working with for the tattoo. We can't always accommodate everyone's budget, but we can always try and adjust a design if someone is looking to spend a certain amount of money).